My teaching philosophy closely aligns with my research agenda to connect the past, present and future of cities and inspire students by experiential and situated learning. I have created and taught successful urban design studio courses, seminars, lectures, workshops and travel courses, all in a setting of an urban planning school. My approach to design and teaching comes from a pragmatist angle, and is continuously informed by precedents and research.


My teaching consistently emphasizes the importance of understanding past and present urban morphology to substantiate future design interventions. The interest in learning from urban precedents and urban form has been connected with the rising popularity of the neo-traditional design movement, but it should be broadly seen as a search for contextual fit and time-tested principles of good urbanism. I have co-authored a paper on my teaching methodology in the Journal of Urban Design and Planning, which can be found here.


The following pages will provide you with examples of courses I have taught at TU Delft, the University of Michigan and the University of Cincinnati.



Connecting past, present and future