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Studios and workshops

I view studio courses as a situated pedagogy for students to understand, connect, and improve urban environments. My studio teaching balances expanding student imaginaries and the practices of urban design with design briefs based on real-world, community-engaged urban issues. I actively connect with key stakeholders in the region, seeking pedagogically enriching yet societally relevant urban design challenges. In addition to supporting student learning, stakeholder support often allows me to hire a leading design practitioner to co-teach and complement my own skillset. In line with my core values, my studio teaching is deliberately interdisciplinary, demonstrating to students that urban challenges can be tackled only by synthesizing a multitude of professional perspectives and skillsets.

Over the past decade, I have taught over a dozen urban design studios and workshops at four universities on three continents. These studios were community-engaged, funded, connected to local media, and have won international awards. This site displays some example work from studio projects.

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