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My research studies the structures behind durable cities, their material manifestation, and the reciprocal effects of this manifestation on individuals and society. I conduct research in a variety of fields aligned with the city, using a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods. This is a deliberate decision to bridge disciplinary and epistemological silos to come to holistic insights on durable urbanism.


My research takes three main directions.

  • I explore the evolution and morphology of durable cities, following my fascination with the creation and erosion of walkable urbanism and self-emergent cities. How have cities evolved and how do they evolve today? How can we learn from this evolution?

  • I study street-level architecture and the street-level economy, specifically urban retail and post-retail. What is the physical, functional, and communicative relationship between buildings and the city? What are the economic dynamics behind this relationship?

  • Finally, I study the agency of citizens and professionals in shaping the durable city. Who shapes our cities? How can we expand this cohort of city-builders?

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