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Welcome to my temporary website!

For my entire life, I have been fascinated by cities, their form, function and meaning. Somehow, the hopes and dreams of thousands of past and present citizens materialize in the chaos and order of our main habitat. My fascination has prompted me to live in cities, design cities and study cities. I also share my fascination for cities with others. This website will show you some of the results of my life of design, study and teaching.

My name is Conrad Kickert. I am an assistant professor at the University at Buffalo. My research, teaching, and design work focuses on the shape and shaping of cities, and their effect on the current workings of the city. I also focus on the changing relationship between urban form and the ground floor economy, a key element of our urban experience.

I look forward to sharing my fascination with you on this website. Please don't hesitate to contact me and share your thoughts, or follow me on Twitter.



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