University at Buffalo - Assistant Professor


University of Cincinnati - Assistant Professor of Urban Design


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - Ph.D. student and research assistant


Delta Metropolis Association - urban / transportation researcher

Researcher for the Sprintstad project, combining urban and infrastructural development into a Transit Oriented model for the Dutch Delta Metropolis of Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Results to be published.


Onderzoekslab Rijksbouwmeester, Almere –urban researcher

Researching the centre of Almere Haven, a 1970s New Town. Project management of research group of 15 architects.


Roger Evans Associates, Oxford –urban researcher and designer

Roger Evans Associates (REAL) is an established leader in the field of urban design based in Oxford, England.

Development of a cost-effective assessment model for town centre quality, measuring vitality and viability both during the day and the night. Designer and project manager for several large scale urban extensions. Designer and project manager for a retail-led town centre regeneration masterplan. Designer for a infrastructure and retail-led bus station extension masterplan. Work acquisition supervisor.


TU Delft – Norwich city council – assistant researcher / supervisor

With EU Interreg IIIb funding, this research used GPS devices to study pedestrian activity in combination with retail structure in downtown Norwich. The results are to be used in a GIS model, analyzing pedestrian densities and time-space patterns.


Multi Development Corporation, Gouda  – urban researcher (internship)

The Multi Development Corporation is one of Europe’s largest award winning retail developers, with offices across the continent and in the UK.

Development and evaluation of analysis methods to assess urban retail performance from an urban design perspective. The methods have been used to analyze sixteen retail arcades in ten Dutch inner cities. The resulting report is being used in the development process of Multi Development.


University of Michigan / TechTown, Detroit  – urban designer

TechTown is an organization founded by General Motors, Wayne State University and Henry Ford Hospitals, aiming at increasing entrepreneurship in the Technology sector in midtown Detroit.

Urban redesign and redevelopment in post-industrial Detroit, for a mixed use Bio-Technology zone. Design includes urban research, visual modeling, presentation, programming and process management. The work has been published on the front page of a major Detroit newspaper.
















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